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Hotron Ltd - A Global Network Of Sensor Expertise

As the innovators of the active infrared technology widely used in door sensors today, Hotron is the most experienced designer and manufacturer of automatic door sensors in the world.  Established in 1968 by Mr. Tadamori Honda in Tokyo Japan, our focus has remained unchanged over the years and to this day we still operate upon the same 4 pillars Hotron was first built:

  1. Innovation through knowledge.
  2. Safety through design.
  3. Reliability through quality.
  4. Integrity through respect.

This commitment to safety and reliability is very evident today with Hotron sensors effortlessly protecting millions of people around the globe on a daily basis.

Our Global Offices

Honda Electron Co. Ltd.

Established in 1968 and located just outside Tokyo Japan, Honda Electron has for over forty years been the sole manufacturer of the Hotron range of sensors for automatic doors. Japanese pioneering production & quality control techniques backed by ISO9001 certification ensure that our sensors will perform to the highest standards in all installation environments.

Hotron Co. Ltd.

Established by Honda Electron in 1975 to handle the sales & marketing of the Hotron range of sensors for automatic doors, Hotron Co. Ltd has offices located in central Tokyo and has formed long lasting business relationships with many of the most admired automatic door companies throughout the world.

Hist Co. Ltd.

Established by Honda Electron in 1977 as a separated research & development division of Honda Electron and located in Ibaraki Japan, Hist Co. Ltd pioneered the development of infrared sensors for use on automatic doors.

Hotron Ireland Ltd

Taking advantage of Ireland's geographical location, Hotron Ireland was established in 1996 to perform the sales, marketing and distribution function for EMEA, USA and Latin America.

Hotron Taiwan Co. Ltd.

Established in 1996 and located in Taiwan, Hotron Taiwan Co. Ltd was formed in order to market & distribute the full range of Hotron sensors for automatic doors in China & Taiwan.

Our sensors can also be sourced from the following companies:

British Flag Triton Controls

Unit 2, Randolph Industrial Estate,
Evenwood, Bishop Auckland,
Co. Durham
DL14 9SJ
United Kingdom


MS Sedco

8701 Castle Park Drive
IN 46256
United States of America