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Hotron launches the HR50 Microwave Sensor family

Hotron are delighted to announce the launch of our newest microwave sensors, packed full of industry-leading features and small enough to please the most discerning customer.  Available in a choice of black or silver finish, with optional durable weather cover, these sensors are especially designed using Hotron’s industry-leading technology.

The HR50 is available in either a bidirectional (HR50) or unidirectional (HR50-Uni) detection ability model and is packed full of features including:

• Highly adjustable detection field
• Ultra compact : at just 120 x 70 x 41.5mm
• Turtle Mode to detect slow movement
• Two colour options available to suit any door profile
• Increased maximum installation height of 4m
• The HR50-Uni offers interchangeable wide and narrow detection fields in one antenna
• Attractive ergonomic design, with no protruding parts
• High quality and cost effective optional weather cover available in two colours
• Mounting template supplied to facilitate installation

  Read more about the HR50 family here

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