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SSR-3 (EN16005)

The SSR-3 is the world’s first combination sensor with three rows of infrared safety.  This innovative energy-saving sensor combines both microwave and infrared technology to create dual technology activation with monitored safety.  Hotron’s unique “door learn” technology brings pedestrian safety to previously unattainable levels.


Key Features


Energy efficient, intelligent, unidirectional detection ability .

Unparalleled pedestrian safety with a unique ability to memorise door motion.

Large detection zone ensures timely opening in busy environments.

Easy to install, with no remote control required and instructions printed on the sensor body. 

prEN 16005 monitored safety.


Function: Combined Activation and Monitored Safety
Technology: Active Infrared and Microwave

Dual relay output, monitored safety, "Door Learn" technology, uni-directional detection.

Large Detection Zone

Unparalleled Pedestrian Safety

Energy Efficiency

SSR-3  Detection Area SSR-3 Detection Area



It is now a requirement of the EN16005 standard that side screen safety must be used to ensure safe opening of every installation. The HR94D1-C1  provides a curtain of monitored infrared safety which will make your installations compliant with EN16005.

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