Field Test Body for UK Door Companies

Field Test Body now available for UK Automatic Door Companies

EN16005 & BS-EN16005 standards for power operated pedestrian doorsets state that pedestrian safety shall be deemed to be provided if the door danger points are protected during the opening and closing cycle.

Safety devices, such as infrared safety sensors, should be configured so that in the protection area, the CA reference body is detected in all positions of the door travel.

At Hotron, we design our sensors so that they can detect the EN16005 stipulated CA reference body, and this is independently verified by TUV during certification of our sensors for compliance to EN16005 standards.

Due to the close tolerances of the specified reflective surfaces on the EN16005 CA reference body, and the changes that quickly occur to these surfaces over time, they are not ideally suited for use in the field.

Taking this into consideration, the Automatic Door Supplier Association in the UK, in consultation with its members, has agreed the specification of a CA field test box that will allow UK door installers, and owners, to verify the correct operation of safety sensors on automatic doors during on-site installation and regular maintenance checks.

Based on this agreed specification, we at Hotron have produced a collapsible and durable CA field test box with three sides matt black, and three sides matt grey according to Automatic Door Supplier Association UK guidelines.

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