We offer a complete range of activation and safety devices for pedestrian and industrial automatic doors with full compliance to European norms

  • hr80
    Access Control

    Attractive, well designed, range of digital keypads and fingerprint readers

    using hr80
  • domino 1100
    Industrial Doors

    Vehicular detection combined with static presence detection at mounting heights of up to 7m


    Industry doors
  • Sliding Doors ssr3
    Sliding Doors

    Door activation and pedestrian safety sensors; guaranteeing, timely door opening, enhanced pedestrian safety and reduced building energy losses.

    sliding door airport
  • automatic swing
    Swing Doors

    Swing door activation and safety sensors complimented by our extensive range of push pads and finger protectors.


    automatic swing doors
Pedestrian safety
Pedestrian safety

Our sensors are designed to offer the highest level of pedestrian protection during automatic door movement.

Unique "Door Learn Technology" allows the infrared safety curtain to be focused both in front of, as well as inside the moving door leaf.

Product reliability
Product reliability

Consistent and reliable sensor performance in a wide range of installation/climatic environments reduce costly return site visits to practically zero.


Ease of installation
Ease of installation

Installation instructions clearly printed on the sensor body, along with simple dip switch adjustment of sensor parameters allows for commissioning in a matter of minutes.


Energy Efficient

Reduce building energy losses through accurately adjustable detection area settings, and uni-directional detection technology


Customer Service

All orders placed with us before 11:00am GMT will ship on the same day.


3-year manufacturing warranty on all infrared technology sensors